Judith H. Dobrzynski
Judith H. Dobrzynski
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Title Publication Date
Don't Know Much About History Forbes.com December 7, 2009
'Art Works' Forbes.com August 9, 2009
Can Michelle Save Jazz? The Daily Beast June 21, 2009
Obama's New Arts Czar: His Wife The Daily Beast May 19, 2009
Obama Disappoints the Arts The Daily Beast March 25, 2009
Reclaiming the Night Sky The New Republic March 3, 2009
Scientific Stimulation From the Stars Forbes.com February 27, 2009
Art Lessons For Obama Forbes.com January 24, 2009
Court The Independents Forbes.com November 12, 2008
Time Out with Carly Fiorina Forbes Life Executive Woman September 2008

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Smithsonian Institution: Benign Neglect Under New Management Blog September 28, 2009
Debating MASS MoCA's Impact on North Adams: Where to Go Next Blog July 14, 2009
A Letter Reveals The Need to Cultivate Congress Blog July 10, 2009
National Archives Joins the YouTube Wave: Where Are Other Cultural Groups? Blog June 30, 2009

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