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Judith H. Dobrzynski
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Title Publication Date
Through An African Artery The New York Times March 16, 2014
Changing Tracks Town & Country Magazine September 27, 2013
Iceland's Culture Palace Newsweek International August 15, 2011
A Garden Crawl Through the Garden State The New York Times June 25, 2010
Turkey's Alexander Sarcophagus: He Battles Heroically in High-Relief Wall Street Journal June 27, 2009
Philadelphia's Gardens of Earthly Delights The New York Times June 5, 2009
Redone History Museum Needs More Work The Wall Street Journal February 12, 2009
Mysterious Machu Picchu The Wall Street Journal November 1, 2008
Expressionism in Museums Art + Auction June 2008
The Hudson Valley's Fields of Joy The New York Times July 13, 2007
It Is What's Inside That Dazzles The Wall Street Journal June 7, 2007
An unfamiliar perspective The Financial Times January 19, 2007
An Eye on China's Not So Rich and Famous The New York Times October 17, 2004
Who's Counting? The New York Times October 5, 2003
The Extras Pay Off on a First-Class Art Tour of China The New York Times April 23, 2003
Adirondack Vistas In the Artist's Eye And in the Visitor's The New York Times July 23, 1999
Prague: The Immersion Course The New York Times June 21, 1998
For a Summer Getaway, a Model Prison The New York Times July 11, 1997

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Wright's Darwin Martin House Becomes A Must-See Blog July 6, 2009

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Vanishing Histories: 100 Endangered Sites From the World Monuments Watch
by Colin Amery and Brian Curran Jr.
The New York Times Book Review April 21, 2002

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