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Title Publication Date
The Status-Rich Met Gala, Subsidized by You Real Clear Investigations May 7, 2018
Sotheby's Acquires Viyet.com Architectural Digest February 13, 2018
What's Happening to Dealer Names on 1stdibs? Architectural Digest December 15, 2017
Misplaced Fretting Over A Rigged Market Art-Antiques-Design November 23, 2014
Christie's Set On More Competition With Dealers Art-Antiques-Design November 10, 2014
Ethics For Dealers: Deaccessioning Art-Antiques-Design August 20, 2014
Auctions Organized by Theme, With a Narrative Pull The New York Times October 27, 2013
High Finance And The Asian Art Museum: Worth The Risk? The Wall Street Journal January 20, 2011
The New -- Improved? -- Job Interview Questions Forbes Woman May 6, 2010
Freelance Work: Upsides And Downsides Forbes.com April 21, 2010
Why Older Women Are Going Back To Work Forbes Woman March 16, 2010
How Women Are Getting On European Boards Forbes Woman December 14, 2009
Running a Company in Turbulent Times The New York Times May 8, 2009
Variable Pricing for Museums Forbes Magazine April 20, 2009
Re-Framing the Art Market The Daily Beast February 23, 2009
Brandeis on the Brink The Daily Beast January 28, 2009
Economic blame game targets men Detroit News January 6, 2009
Players: Marjorie Magner Forbes Life Executive Woman November 24, 2008
Maybe the Meltdown's a Guy Thing The New York Times November 16, 2008
Gender Gap In Pay Worse At the Top Slate September 12, 2008
C-Suite Conversations: Sally Krawcheck Forbes Life Executive Woman September 2008
Time Out with Carly Fiorina Forbes Life Executive Woman September 2008
The Highest-Paid Women In Corporate America Forbes Life Executive Woman September 2008
Taxing Matters Art + Auction August 2008
Foundations Join The Ranks of Shareholder Activists Corporate Board Member January/February 2008
Who is in the boardroom? The Boston Globe May 1, 2007
Female CEOs Still A Rare Sight Chicago Tribune March 28, 2007
Miracle on 34th Street The Wall Street Journal December 17, 2006
'We're Still a Growth Airline' The Wall Street Journal November 4, 2006
Long Way to Go in Gender Gap Newsday (reprinted in Demos) August 26, 2006
A Closer Look: Cherchez la femme St. Louis Business Journal August 11, 2006
Cherchez la Femme The Wall Street Journal August 4, 2006
Home Despot The Wall Street Journal May 31, 2006
Green-Nosing The Wall Street Journal April 4, 2006
Workers of the World, Get Up! The New York Times June 23, 2002
The Bidding Game The New York Times June 2, 2000
Women learn best from women Salon January 7, 2000
Wary Hong Kong Collectors Send Art Abroad for Safety The New York Times May 27, 1997
A Quick Guide to Big Ideas, if You Didn't Get to Davos The New York Times February 9, 1997
Seats on Too Many Boards Spell Problems for Investors The New York Times November 17, 1996
Executive Tests Now Plumb New Depths of the Job Seeker The New York Times September 2, 1996
The New Jobs: A Growing Number Are Good Ones The New York Times July 21, 1996
For More and More Job Seekers, An Aging Parent Is a Big Factor The New York Times January 1, 1996
How to Succeed? Go to Wellesley The New York Times October 29, 1995
The Right Choice for the Job? The New York Times September 7, 1995
CBS's Seller: Tisch's Legacy: Healthy Profit, Ailing Network The New York Times August 2, 1995
Jack And John: 2 For The Road at G.M. The New York Times July 9, 1995
The Art of the Hostile Deal The New York Times June 22, 1995
Should I Have Left An Hour Earlier? The New York Times June 18, 1995
A Likely Next Company For a Board Room Coup The New York Times March 15, 1995
Tales From The Boardroom Wars Business Week June 6, 1994
Impressionism Rides a Rental Car Business Week May 9, 1994
At GM, A Magna Carta for Directors Business Week April 4, 1994
How to Handle a CEO Business Week February 21, 1994
The Glass Ceiling: A Barrier to the Boardroom, Too Business Week November 22, 1993
Cover Story Sidebar: IBM's Lingo Business Week October 4, 1993
COVER STORY: Rethinking IBM Business Week October 4, 1993
Warren's World Business Week May 10, 1993
COVER STORY: Relationship Investing Business Week March 15, 1993
A Sweeping Prescription for Corporate Myopeia Business Week July 6, 1992
A Groundswell Builds For 'None of the Above' Business Week May 11, 1992
CalPERS Is Ready To Roar, But Will CEOs Listen? Business Week March 30, 1992
How America Can Get the Patient Capital It Needs Business Week October 21, 1991

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
He Said: 'There are Too Many Female Doctors.' She said: 'What?!' Blog May 6, 2008

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
My Times in Black and White: Race and Power at the New York Times
by Gerald M. Boyd
Forbes.com February 8, 2010
Front Row: Anna Wintour: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor in Chief
by Jerry Oppenheimer
The New York Observer February 7, 2005
The Pleasure of Their Companies: Four Books About CEOs The New York Times Book Review July 25, 1993

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